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Diastolic Hypertension treatment

by Dr. Tuhfie Jannat
(Jamalpur ,Bangladesh)

i I have got 2 patient in my practice in a subcentre in rural area with diastolic hypertension. Among them one is 55yrs old male having isolated diastolic hypertension (140/100mmHg) with family history. He is nonsmoker,non diabetic,school teacher. I have treated him with calcium channel blocker and life style modification,after 10 days diastolic became controlled but systolic became 105mmHg.

Another young female patient aged 35yrs having hypertension(145/100mmHg) with family history of hypertension.She is hardworking,nonsmoker,non diabetic.I have treated her with ARB. After 1 month her blood pressure became controlled(125/80mmHg).

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