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hypertension monitoring barometerHypertension also known in short as HT claimed over 57000 lives in the United States alone in 2009. High blood pressure statistics reveal that an estimated 74.5 million Americans of 20 years plus in age have high blood pressure. Even though these figures talk about America, high blood pressure is a growing world wide problem due to changing lifestyles across all sectors of society. HT is a medical condition chronic in nature associated with a heightened level of blood pressure. It is for this reason that HT is alternatively and also commonly known as high blood pressure.

Welcome to the High Blood Pressure (HBP) Centre your dedicated resource to all things HT and HBP. We aim to deal with the general ignorance around the subject which often has unnecessarily cost thousands of people their lives. Of the 74 million people mentioned above in America who have high blood pressure, a shocking number of them are completely ignorant of this silent killer gradually taking hold of their lives. We hope to change that with this all round resource center on the subject.

There are many things to consider that you shall find within this site relating to high blood pressure and blood pressure in general. This means we also look into causes of low blood pressure. As you follow the links around this rich resource you will find information on hypertension causes, hypertension symptoms, hypertension medications, hypertension guidelines and articles amongst other things. We have hundreds of pages on any topic you might think of to do with hypertension or high blood pressure. You may use the search box to quickly access a topic you have in mind.

In recent years as a result of advancement in medical equipment in almost every area, home blood pressure monitors have indeed become handy and an important life saver. Advancing from manual blood pressure monitors to digital and more accurate blood pressure monitors it has become necessary to find some honest and useful reviews before investing in any blood pressure equipment.

omron blood pressure monitorHT and High Blood Pressure Center offers you numerous product reviews and general information on specific blood pressure machine brands such as Omron blood pressure monitors, Lifesource, Lumiscope, Mabis, Microlife, Panasonic, Relion, Samsung, Sunbeam and Wristech blood pressure monitors. All new brands to be regularly introduced on the market are also found here. We keep our fingers on the market pulse.

More importantly, this website offers our visitors an opportunity to submit their own experience on any of the topics and articles covered here in this area.This makes this resource even more useful and interactive. You are invited to leave your feedback at the end of each article or topic within the website.

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