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blood pressure numbersThis section on articles on hypertension covers different author submitted writings in the area of hypertension or high blood pressure. The articles available in this section generally consider all the various facets of high blood pressure including hypertension causes, hypertension treatment, blood pressure equipment as well as low blood pressure symptoms in addition to causes of hypotension.

We hope that after reading informative articles in this section you will be better informed and enlightened on issues to do with high blood pressure which sadly affects up to 70 million people in the United States alone. Apart from America, hypertension is a growing world wide problem at the back of ever changing lifestyles.

The information in the articles on hypertension that we publish on this part of the site may not be used to substitute your personal doctor or medical personnel advice. These blood pressure articles are meant for information purposes only.

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List of Articles On Hypertension

hypertension reasonsReasons for High Blood Pressure Examined - by Joe Tailor | High blood pressure causes are so many yet millions of people are unaware of how their daily consumptions predisposes them to high blood pressure. This article takes a detailed look at reasons behind high blood pressure in women, in men and in children. - Learn More >>>

signs of low blood pressureSigns of Low Blood Pressure Examined - by Joe Tailor | Signs of hypotension are essential in arriving at a low blood pressure diagnosis. Unlike high blood pressure, abnormally low blood pressure is considered in the light of symptoms of low blood pressure. - Learn More >>>

blood pressure rangesBlood Pressure Ranges Explored - by Teresa Coltart | The blood pressure chart helps us by putting blood pressure readings and measurements into perspective. Different population groups have different average normal blood pressure readings.- Learn More >>>

blood pressure rangesLowering Blood Pressure Naturally - by Mark Robertson | Tips for lowering blood pressure naturally can not substitute hypertension medications in particular cases. However, these tips are very effective and have been shown to be central to blood pressure control.- Learn More >>>

ideal blood pressureIdeal Blood Pressure - by Melinda Nicholas | Ideal blood pressure is shown by blood pressure charts indicating expected blood pressure readings for adults and children, male or female of a given age. There are different factors that must be considered in dealing with ideal blood pressure - Learn More >>>

what is normal blood pressureWhat Is Normal Blood Pressure - by Mike T. Noriss | Normal blood pressure is shown by blood pressure charts indicating expected blood pressure readings for adults and children, male or female of a given age. The foods that we eat especially that with sodium robs us of a normal blood pressure health - Learn More >>>

how to reduce blood pressureHow To Reduce Blood Pressure - by Mike T. Norris | How to reduce blood pressure involves medical methods as well as natural non-medical day to day life changes centered around what an individual eats - Learn More >>>

natural remedies for high blood pressureNatural Remedies for High Blood Pressure - By Time Terrenceia | Natural remedies for high blood pressure are becoming popular with many blood pressure patients. These provide cost effective remedies to blood pressure control as well helping patients avoid the burden of hypertension drugs - Learn More >>>

blood pressure too lowWhen Is Blood Pressure Too Low - By Tim McGill | When blood pressure is too low doctors are usually keen to check if there are any accompanying signs of low blood pressure. Absent of symptoms chronic hypertension even with very low readings should not necessarily be a cause for concern - Learn More >>>

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