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Blood Pressure Remedies That Work

by Tim Roberts

Covering both low and high blood pressure remedies

The 2 Week Diet

Blood pressure remedies that work are numerous. High blood pressure medically known as hypertension is amongst a list of chronic diseases which predominately affect a huge section of any given population. These chronic diseases which include heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease are all associated one way or the other with blood pressure. Controlling blood pressure through specific remedies is therefore of great importance. Untamed elevated blood pressure will result in serious organ damage which may result in a patient loosing their life.

Chronic high blood pressure which is also known as hypertension is an incurable disease. What doctors do best is to keep it at manageable levels through effective control involving different types of approaches. Depending on the level of one's blood pressure numbers both systolic and diastolic numbers doctors can make a decision which therapy to apply. There are essentially three types of hypertension namely prehypertension, stage 1 hypertension and stage 2 hypertension.

Patients still in the prehypertension stage can afford to use specific types of blood pressure remedies which may exclude hypertension medications. In this case the goal is to keep the blood pressure from raising any further and progress to the next stages of high blood pressure which can damage organs. Prehypertension is generally considered to be blood pressure range of between 120 to 139 mmHg of systolic reading and between 80 to 89mmHg of diastolic reading. In these circumstances doctors recommend implementation of lifestyle changes. These modifications include stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption drastically from three to two glasses per day for men and two to one per day for women.

Regular exercise will also be required everyday especially Monday to Friday for at least 30 minutes. This type of exercise is specific and aerobic in nature which is less taxing on your heart. Heavy weight lifting can be harmful especially for individuals already in the stages 1 and 2 hypertension. The benefits of the association between exercise and blood pressure for people with hypertension have been extensively studied. Combined with dietary changes, exercise will lead to weight loss. It has been observed that the slightest amount of weight loss has tremendous benefits in as far as reducing the risk of heart attack or heart disease from elevated blood pressure is concerned.

The 2 Week Diet

Dietary changes in the context of blood pressure remedies will include consistently pursuing a hypertension diet. This diet will involve eating foods that lower blood pressure such as celery. The dietitian specially design diet is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. LDL cholesterol also known as 'bad' cholesterol creates fatty substances in the arteries leading to high blood pressure and heart disease. Dietary modifications will also entail cutting back drastically on salt consumption. Most salts including table salt have sodium which has the effect of retaining fluids in the body thereby increasing blood pressure. When considering blood pressure remedies that work, there is need to serious think about your sodium consumption reduction.

Most adults eat up to 130% more sodium than they really need on a daily basis. These high levels of sodium are found mostly in processed foods especially tinned foods. To reduce your sodium intake make an effort to read food labels and ensure you do not exceed at most 2300mg of sodium consumption each day. Daily sodium consumption can be replaced by eating salt alternatives such as spices. The association between salt and high blood pressure is an equally well researched subject area. Another remedy for blood pressure is eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Even without following the above mentioned hypertension diet, studies have since established that fruits and vegetables are effective in reducing elevated blood pressure.

In cases were blood pressure is extremely elevated as represented through stages 1 and 2 hypertension; hypertension guidelines will detect that doctors immediately prescribe pharmacological drugs to first lower blood pressure to a certain goal before relying only on lifestyle modifications. This means lifestyle changes even though very important and effective cannot be used alone when the patient has highly elevated blood pressure. Extremely high blood pressure may lead to stroke, heart attack, organ damage and even blindness in unique cases. There are various blood pressure remedies that can be used in the context of pharmacological high blood pressure meds. These drug are the likes of beta blockers, diuretics, ACBs and so on.

When taking anti-hypertensive drugs it is also of paramount importance to ensure that you follow your medication intake to the letter. Forgetting to take medication or deliberately avoiding taking medications may lead to refractory hypertension. This is high blood pressure that stops responding to medication and can be deadly.

Low Blood Pressure Remedies

Low blood pressure affects are significant number of people. It may not be as common as gestational hypertension but it also affects a certain number of pregnant women. Remedies for low blood pressure includes adding some salt to your diet. This is essentially a reverse effect of eating less salt in a hypertension patient. There are also other remedies such as putting on squeezing stockings for pregnant women to stop blood from pooling in the legs. In cases were low blood pressure is caused by loss of fluids through vomiting or diarrhea blood transfusion may be necessary in addition to taking lots of certain fluids to quickly help create more blood. Surgery and deep cuts are some of the causes of low blood pressure which can be resolved in this manner.

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The 2 Week Diet

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