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Controlling High Blood Pressure

The 2 Week Diet
controlling high blood pressure

Controlling high blood pressure is the key objective behind high blood pressure treatment. Hypertension can not be cured. This specifically refers to essential hypertension whose causes are not known and affects 90 to 95 percent of all blood pressure patients. Secondary hypertension is caused by underlying factors and disorders such as diabetes, kidney disease and even heart disease. Once these underlying causes are treated, high blood pressure numbers immediately come down.

Due to the fact that hypertension in majority of cases cannot be cured, all that doctors aim to do is to control high blood pressure by effectively managing the condition. The dangers of high blood pressure which if left uncontrolled include stroke, heart failure, heart-attack, organ failure and even blindness. By controlling high blood pressure what doctors are simply doing is to prevent it from reaching these end-stages which can be fatal. In fact uncontrolled high blood pressure becomes very dangerous when combined with morning hypertension.

Due to the fact that often there are no certain hypertension warning signs it is recommended that home blood pressure monitoring be the order of the day. An increasing number of western families are investing in one of the recommended best blood pressure monitors to keep track of blood pressure readings. This is the best way and perhaps the only way to stand a chance of effectively controlling high blood pressure in the absence of early high blood pressure symptoms.

There are different methods of controlling elevated blood pressure. These methods take into account a patient's current blood pressure measurements. When blood pressure is raising yet still closer to ideal blood pressure readings, doctors may take a decision to recommend natural remedies for high blood pressure. However, when blood pressure is severely elevated, doctors will control it by immediately prescribing anti-hypertensive drugs such as diuretics. They may yet use other available hypertension medications which seek to quickly lower too high blood pressure readings.

Controlling high blood pressure using pharmaceutical drugs also involves taking into account the circumstances of the patient and accompanying blood pressure medication side effects. This is achieved by closely referring to hypertension guidelines. Pharmaceutical drugs used to control high blood pressure will include Beta blockers, ACE Inhibitors, Calcium Channel Blockers, Vasolidators, Centrally- Acting Alpha Adrenergics, Angiotension II Antagonists and Peripherally Acting Alpha-Adrenergic Blockers. A growing number of hypertension patients is turning to natural methods of controlling elevated blood pressure.

The 2 Week Diet

Controlling High Blood Pressure Naturally With Diet And Exercise Without Medication

There are many reasons why some patients are turning to controlling hypertension naturally without medication. These reasons may include fear of drug side effects, cost of medication and possible quest for a solution to resistant hypertension. Some patients who have gestational hypertension have the perception that naturally controlling elevated blood pressure will produce positive results. The key approaches to naturally controlling hypertension are found in lifestyle modification. Particularly patients drastically adjust their diet to include foods that lower blood pressure such as abundant fruit and veggies. Dietary changes are key to effective high blood pressure control hence the existence of a well researched and thought-out hypertension diet.

Blood pressure is also controlled naturally by ensuring that one gets only adequate levels of sodium per day. The American Heart Association (AHA) notes that sodium that the body needs is only 1300mg per day. Anything above that, which is what most people take, is harmful excess sodium. The AHA however agrees that at least a daily intake of 2300mg is acceptable. The link between salt and high blood pressure is well explored. Sodium increases the level of fluids in the body by retaining water. This leads to increased blood pressure.

Controlling high blood pressure naturally without medication also entails avoiding all that is known to contribute to elevated blood pressure. This particularly refers to smoking and alcohol consumption. Hypertensive patients must quit smoking and quit alcohol altogether. Controlled blood pressure is amongst the known benefits of quitting smoking. The association between exercise and blood pressure is well known. Doctors recommend regular aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day Monday to Friday as a good way of keeping your blood pressure under control.

Not all exercises are beneficial to blood pressure health. Many can actually cause harm. This includes weight lifting and other intense exercises such as sprinting. These unnecessarily loads the heart which has negative implications for a person's blood pressure. Breathing exercises have been shown to reduce high blood pressure. Particularly deep breathing is the key to positively influencing your blood pressure. This article (follow link) extensively illustrates how breathing exercises reduce high blood pressure.

Controlling High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

High blood pressure during pregnancy affects a certain segment of women. Most women go through a healthy pregnancy to full term. Controlling high blood pressure during pregnancy is essentially achieved via the use of pharmaceutical drugs. The drugs will have to be safe during pregnancy. Some drugs such as ACE Inhibitors are known to harm the fetus. Tests are conducted on pregnant women on their urine to ensure that there is no trace of protein. The presence of protein may point to preeclapmsia.

Repeated blood pressure checks are carried out through out the pregnancy. Bed rest as a method of controlling elevated blood pressure is not fully agreed to be beneficial in the medical community. However stress reduction must be taken into account considering the relationship between stress and blood pressure.

The 2 Week Diet

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