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Dangers of High Blood Pressure

Covering dangers of high blood pressure medication and in pregnancy.

Dangers of high blood pressure have been well documented as a result of countless research undertakings done by hypertension specialists. Known medically as hypertension, high blood pressure affects nearly one out of every three Americans. Not only is it a growing problem in the United States, hypertension presents a raising challenge across cities, advancing and advanced societies across the world. Known as a 'silent killer' high blood pressure is notorious for showing little or no symptoms at the start only presenting symptoms when the condition is advanced and possibly nearing end-stage.

High blood pressure can not be cured. It can only be put under control and managed through medications and lifestyle changes for the rest of a patient's life. This is particularly the case with essential hypertension whose causes are unknown. The causes of hypertension in the context of secondary hypertension are known and can be medically resolved. These causes are normally underlying medical disorders or diseases such as liver problems and diabetes. Once the underlying cause is resolved, high blood pressure disappears almost immediately .

In 90 to 95 percent of cases high blood pressure causes are unknown. Dangers of high blood pressure not only lay in the fact that first and foremost once it develops it can not be cured. The greater concern to do with high blood pressure dangers lies in the possible end-points of the condition. Doctors make an effort to effectively control and manage high blood pressure in order to prevent damage to vital internal organs.

If left unchecked, hypertension can lead to blindness. This occurs when damage is afflicted to the optic nerves. This is known medically as glaucoma. High blood pressure left uncontrolled for too long causes excess pressure on the intra-ocular cells in the eyes. It therefore follows that dangers of high blood pressure include a pronounced risk of blindness or at least eye disorder in people who take no action against the condition.

High blood pressure dangers will also include the risk of stroke. Hypertension patients have a four to six times greater chance of stroke compared to people with ideal blood pressure. Left unchecked high blood pressure leads to atherosclerosis. This is a hardening of large arteries which leads to blockage and apparent weakening of small blood pressure walls in the brain. They then balloon and burst. A certain area of the brain is cut off depriving that part of much needed oxygen and glucose. The cells die and possibly leading to permanent brain damage.

Dangers of high blood pressure will also include the development of heart disease. In fact heart disease is the number one cause of death associated with hypertension. High blood pressure dangers associated with heart disease refer to a group of cardiovascular disorders which includes ischemic heart disease, heart failure and left ventricular hypertrophy also known as thickening of the heart muscle. Contrary to widely held belief heart failure which can be caused by high blood pressure refers to the weakening of the heart compromising pumping power. It is not stopping working of the heart.

High blood pressure dangers also includes kidney disease. In fact high blood pressure is a major cause of end-stage renal disease or kidney failure. In particular blood pressure can result in damage to blood vessels and filters in the kidneys causing toxic waste to accumulate in the body. Dangers of high blood pressure will also include a shortened life expectancy. According to a study commonly known as the Framingham Heart Study involving over 3000 participants, for both men and women total life expectancy declined due to high blood pressure. Life lived with disease related to hypertension is longer than spent without.

High blood pressure dangers will also include the development of resistant hypertension. This is typically high blood pressure that refuses to respond to medications. There are many reasons this happens and it will require precision search for the cause. Unless the cause of the resistance is found and resolved the patient remains at high risk of hypertension end-stages. This is particularly serious when resistant hypertension is combined with a condition of morning hypertension.

The following is a summary of dangers of high blood pressure;

  • In-curability of condition
  • Shortened life expectancy
  • Blindness
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Heart disease - heart failure, ischemic heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Resistant hypertension

Dangers of High Blood Pressure Medication

Dangers of hypertension as it relates to medication used is essentially in the context of some severe side effects of blood pressure medications. It must be noted that in most cases the side effects associated with high blood pressure meds are way better than the high blood pressure dangers discussed through this entire article. Almost all medication will have side effects yet patients are encouraged to stay on the medication because the benefits associated with the medications are greater.

That having been said, there are particular signs and symptoms that might present after taking hypertension medications which can be dangerous. These particular signs and side effects must be reported at once to your doctor. Dangers of high blood pressure medication will include lack of breath, severe swelling of arms, legs and hands and slow heart rate. In summary the following signs should be reported immediately to your doctor should they appear after taking your medication;

  • Severe rush
  • Gout - Hyperuricemia
  • Chest pain
  • Lack of breadth, problems swallowing
  • Severe swelling in the face, eyes, lips, tongue, legs
  • Slow or irregular heartbeat
  • Fainting
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Fever

Dangers of High Blood Pressure In Pregnancy

Affecting only a small percentage of pregnant women, gestational hypertension if left unchecked can develop into more harmful eclampsia. Eclampsia is a serious complication associated with high blood pressure in pregnant women. It is life threatening and manifests in seizures and coma. Important signs and symptoms of eclampsia may be severe headaches, blurred or double vision.

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