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Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

By Time Terrenceia

Free natural remedies for high blood pressure including during pregnancy

The 2 Week Diet

High blood pressure affects millions of people world wide. 70 million of these people are in the United States. There are many available free natural remedies for high blood pressure that different people have found success with.

Natural solutions for high blood pressure treatment simply refers to non-medical remedies which involve hypertension medications in the form of drugs. Some hypertension patients avoid high blood pressure drugs due to the often frustrating blood pressure medication side effects.

Depending on a person's blood pressure range, sometimes it is impossible to avoid doctor prescribed hypertension drugs. Natural solutions for high blood pressure begin with lifestyle modifications such as quitting smoking and abandoning tobacco use. These substances have an elevating effect on systolic or diastolic blood pressure readings or both.

The association between salt and high blood pressure is of great importance to anyone seeking to reduce their blood pressure naturally. Research has since shown that cutting back drastically on salt consumption brings a tremendous blood pressure benefit.

The specific mineral found in salt that causes blood pressure spikes is sodium. Most salts contain sodium save for a few such as celtic salt that one can use to substitute table salt and sea salt both which contain sodium. You may also naturally reduce your blood pressure by avoiding products with high sodium levels such as processed foods and some nutritional supplements.

In particular , the relationship between glucosamine and blood pressure has caused some doctors to warn of the dangers of glucosamine use amongst hypertension patients. Glucosamine sulfate contains sodium which affects blood pressure health negatively. Natural remedies for high blood pressure will include eating a hypertension diet rich in foods that lower blood pressure such as lots of fruits and veggies.

The relationship between celery and high blood pressure is also important to dietitians as celery and watermelons have been confirmed to significantly help help in high blood pressure reduction. More free natural remedies for high blood pressure will include daily moderate physical exercise. Exercise and blood pressure is yet another subject of importance to doctors as it pertains to high blood pressure patients.

Not all exercise is profitable to hypertension patients. In fact doctors discourage weight lifting and put emphasis on aerobic exercise which is known to benefit the arteries, the heart and the muscles. If ever exercise is to be a meaningful natural remedy for your high blood pressure it must be consistent and adequate. 30 minutes a day daily will suffice of walking the dog, mowing the lawn, racking some leaves or some light racket sport.

There are also specific herbs that lower blood pressure that have been found to be useful in naturally treating high blood pressure. Garlic is known to effectively deal with thrombosis which is the hardening of the arteries. When arteries are hardened they are not flexible enough to allow blood to flow freely. Garlic which can be administered in the form of garlic pills from your local pharmacy helps address this particular problem.

Apple cider vinegar is also another favorite for some hypertension patients. Also available from your local store it can be administered as a salad dressing. Drinking apple cider vinegar can be difficult because of its nasty taste. Some users add honey to make the drinking bearable.

Cayenne pepper is a well known remedy for high blood pressure. It often comes as ground-up chilly pepper that some patients prefer to add to a cup of water and hit up to desired temperature before consumption. Others yet sprinkle it on foodstuffs such as sandwiches. Cayenne pepper is said to increase blood circulation and metabolism and has many other health benefits beyond blood pressure health.

Natural remedies for high blood pressure during pregnancy

Blood pressure lowering during pregnancy can be achieved naturally by following a hypertension diet. This again has lots of fruits and veggies in addition to reduced sodium consumption. Doctors also commit hypertensive pregnant women to bed rest which involves taking some leave days from work, for example, to be resting at home. Ultimately, baby delivery is the only best way to end gestational hypertension.

It is worth noting that specific natural remedies for high blood pressure will not work the same way for each and every individual. In particular reference to herbs and some foodstuffs, patients have reported mixed results depending on allergy issues and other drug interaction. Home blood pressure monitoring using reputable blood pressure equipment is important to establish if you are getting any benefits at all from the different natural remedies you might chose to use.

The 2 Week Diet

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