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Home Blood Pressure Monitors Overview

Covering home blood pressure monitors reviews, ratings and measurement accuracy

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sumsung blood pressure monitor

Samsung Healthy Living BM-501S

Manual Digital Blood Pressure Monitor | Sells for under $50.00 and can be as low as $19.99 on Amazon.

Some buyers have praised their purchase as worthwhile others noted inaccuracies in reading with margins as much as 30mm Hg. This Sumsung monitor has also received praise for giving consistent readings even though sometimes inaccurate. Inconsistent readings is a major problem with some blood pressure monitors. Overall the product has 3 stars out of five.

The 2 Week Diet

Blood pressure affects up to 70 million people in America. Geographically it is equally a growing problem in different parts of the world. The causes of hypertension are not yet fully understood even though causes of low blood pressure seem to have better clarity and understanding. Hypertension treatment using different hypertension medications remains an important consideration amongst medical practitioners alongside lifestyle modifications involving the hypertension diet and promotion of foods that lower blood pressure.

Blood pressure equipment such as modern digital monitors are very important to the cause of controlling, managing and treating high blood pressure. Blood pressure measurements just as hypertension symptoms or hypotension symptoms whether in form of high blood pressure readings or low blood pressure readings are extremely important in hypertension treatment.

When considering blood pressure monitors there are specific and types of blood pressure monitors to be considered such as automatic blood pressure monitors, wrist blood pressure monitors, electronic or digital blood pressure monitors, manual blood pressure monitors and finger blood pressure monitors. Today consumers overwhelmingly prefer easy to use and more accurate automatic digital arm blood pressure monitors. Specific brands in this category will include the Microlife blood pressure monitor and Lifesource blood pressure monitor.

In modern day approaches to high blood pressure, patient home blood pressure monitoring has become an absolute necessity due to white coat hypertension and other important factors to consider. White coat hypertension is often associated with variations that occur between doctor's office readings and home readings done by the patient on their own due to anxiety and activity to do with traveling to the doctor's location.

Home blood pressure monitors are therefore a key household investment. Specific home blood pressure monitors help doctors to diagnose otherwise very difficult to track hypertension subtypes such as morning hypertension which occurs in the early hours of the morning whilst doctors are still asleep in their homes. Just as much patients with labile hypertension rely on ongoing consistent home blood pressure monitoring to keep their blood pressure under control. This is only possible with a personal dedicated home blood pressure monitor working alongside the doctor's office regular interval measurements.

Home Blood Pressure Monitors Accuracy

The importance of accuracy of a home blood pressure monitor and blood pressure readings in general cannot be overemphasized. Wrong measurements have very dangerous outcomes such as wrong drug prescription of high blood pressure treatment drugs which may result in severe blood pressure medication side effects.

To ensure accuracy, blood pressure monitors must be clinically calibrated and tested against standard mercury blood pressure machines. When purchasing a home monitor, selecting reputable brands such as the Omron blood pressure series well known for excellent and accurate performance is worth a consideration. There are however other brands which are necessarily not Omron which have also been approved for use by leading hypertension specialist institutions.

How patients operate home blood pressure monitors also impacts on the accuracy of results obtained. Strictly following instructions of operations accompanying the monitor as well as using correctly sized cuffs not too small or too big is of paramount importance. This is also the reason behind inaccurate readings in an otherwise perfectly working blood pressure monitor.

Some home blood pressure monitors can become inaccurate over time due to pending re-calibration which normally is only done by the manufacturer. When this happens purchasing a new monitor is often a better and faster option than only sending the monitor and waiting for its return.

Home Blood Pressure Monitors Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

Going to the page on this site on Omron Blood Pressure Monitors will provide an in depth look into Omron monitors including specific model reviews.

The first step when looking for a home monitor even before considering the price is to ensure that it has been validated and approved by leading hypertension institutions such as the British Hypertension Society (BHS), American Heart Association (AHA) and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). The price of the monitor is not useful if the gadget cannot do what it is purchased to do efficiently and effectively.

The Omron series enjoys tremendous success and respect amongst other brands available on the market. a In addition a few of its models such as the Omron HEM-780 and HEM-790IT has been approved by the FDA in the US as useful tools in detecting irregular heartbeat a sign of impending cardiovascular problems and morning high blood pressure

In terms of price comparison the Omron series is generally on the high side compared with other brands such as Lifesource, Microlife, Samsung and many others. In particular, the Microlife Manual Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor has received some poor rating sin some circles even though some people have good things to say about the product. Whilst some consumers acknowledged its cheap price of $29.99 on average at Walgreen, for example, they noted with disappointment the difficulty with which to remove the Velcro especially for the elderly.

microlife blood pressure monitor

Microlife 3AC1-PC.  Premium Blood Pressure Monitor With IHD-MAM & PC Download | Sells for under $110.00 on Amazo.  It has the approval of the BHS and comes with a USB cable and software for computer download a strong selling point for many buyers. It has also been praised for a comfortable blood pressure cuff Overall the product has 4 stars out of five.

omron blood pressure monitor

Doctors recommend home blood pressure monitoring for all individuals. Best monitors are those that are calibrated and clinically tested by leading hypertension institutions in Europe and the United States. As a bonus its good to go for one that also detects irregular heartbeat and morning hypertension. Should you think its time to replace or invest in a new blood pressure monitor we give thumbs up to the Omron range namely the Omron Elite 7300W , the Omron HEM-711AC , the Omron HEM-780 and the Omron HEM-790IT amongst others.

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