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Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor Series Review

Covering Microlife blood pressure monitor series review, usage instructions and cuff information

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microlife blood pressure monitor

Microlife BP 3AC1-1 PC According to patients who have used the product it is very impressive, easy-to-use and accurate. It cost about $110.00 on Amazon and is designed for easy operation shown by the jumbo digital display. It is fully automatic when inflating or deflating the cuff. It comes with a pc cable for data download for doctor analysis.

The increasing general interest and demand of home blood pressure monitors is not coincidental in a modern society conscious of personal health and lifestyle. Research shows that most heart attacks and strokes are caused by high blood pressure and happen in the morning due to a combination of already existing hypertension with morning hypertension.

Modern blood pressure equipment such as the Microlife blood pressure monitor, Lifesource blood pressure monitor and the Omron blood pressure monitor are specifically designed to help patients and doctors avert the occurrence of hypertension endpoints such as stroke and heart attack or heart failure. They do this by giving warning signals of irregular heartbeat and the presence of morning high blood pressure.

Just as other leading blood pressure machines brands, specific Microlife monitors are clinically tested and meet the highest grade and strictest standards of the European Hypertension Society (EHS) and are also recommended by doctors. This brings comfort to many consumers as there is a general problem associated with digital blood pressure monitors mostly to do with inaccurate or inconsistent results. This is amongst the reasons of the fading popularity of finger blood pressure monitors.

The Microlife blood pressure monitor product series consist of the following categories of blood pressure products designed to meet specific user needs;

  • Upper Arm Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors - this includes model BP 3AC1-PC which permits PC download of collected blood pressure data for doctor analysis. It also includes model BP 3BTO-A(2) which is validated by the EHS for use on pregnant women.
  • Upper Arm Semi Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors - these models as the name suggests are not fully automatic as the above model. They require manual cuff inflation by squeezing the accompanying rubber bulb. They however give electronic digital readings on a screens showing both systolic readings and diastolic readings as well as the pulse rate. Models in this category includes the BP A80, BP A50 and BP 34S1-2
  • Wrist Devices - Models in this category are designed for users who prefer wrist blood pressure monitors. Available is also a model than can download data to a computer.
  • Professional Devices - This category contains models used for blood pressure tracking in conjunction with your doctor. The devices collect your blood pressure data over a period of time and provide your doctor with data for analysis according to EHS standards. The popular brand under this category is the Microlife WatchBP.
  • Aneroid Devices - Microlife blood pressure monitor series also caters for individual keen on maintaining a completely manual approach of measuring blood pressure. The aneroid models are fully manual and represents the good old days of manual blood pressure monitoring. These come with both advantages and disadvantages associated with manual blood pressure monitoring.

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Microlife blood pressure monitor instructions for use

In order to produce accurate and useful readings, home blood pressure monitoring ought to be done correctly. Incorrect readings may possibly result in wrong drug prescription which can lead to serious blood pressure medication side effects. The following is a set of generic instructions for Microlife upper arm blood pressure monitor users. These can also be useful principles regardless of which monitor brand one is using;


  • Ensure that batteries are active
  • Ensure that the cuff is connected
  • Confirm you have the correct cuff size by checking against supplied guidelines as follows;
  • How to measure blood pressure correctly.

  • Relax for about 5 minutes prior to taking any measurement.
  • Never drink or smoke before measuring your blood pressure. A link between caffeine and blood pressure has been established drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee may result in blood pressure spikes that will distort your readings.
  • Measurement should be performed in a sitting position.
  • Ensure the cuff is fitted correctly by exposing the upper arm by rolling back any clothing distraction.
  • The cuff must be wrapped comfortably avoiding making it too tight
  • Ensure your arm is supported and run the Microlife blood pressure monitor cable along your entire arm to the pulm of your hand to be held by your fingers.
  • Keep the cuff at heart level and begin the measurement by pressing the appropriate button on your device.
  • As the device is working taking the measurement, remain relaxed, without moving, tensing your muscles or talking.
  • As the final measurement result is about to be confirmed the device will start beeping for your attention.
  • It is good practice to keep a record of your results in a special blood pressure diary to later show your doctor. some models instead have software downloads with a record of your results over a period of time.
  • Though not absolutely necessary, it is good practice to take your measurements in quiet environments when you are relaxed. Readings can be taken twice in the morning between 6 am and 9 am and also twice in the evening anytime between 6pm and 9pm. Measurements should be taken in the arm that gives higher readings. 6am to 9am readings help in detecting morning hypertension.

Microlife cuffs and parts information

The Microlife blood pressure monitor series comes with different cuff types. Cuffs that come with more recent monitors can be washed in a washing machine even though there is usually no need to do so. Any stains can be removed by a dump cloth.

Should a user decide to wash only the cuff covers labeled for washing should be washed otherwise inaccurate results will be obtained going forward. When washing the inside bladder should always be removed and must not be washed. The Velcro system of opening and closing the cuff can do so up to 10000 times which is equivalent to 10 years minimum use.

Owning own AC/DC adapter will not replace the need for an original Microlife adapter. Microlife blood pressure monitors are sensitive and designed to use own specific power supply unless if the available power supply is for a Microlife monitor

microlife blood pressure monitor

Microlife Wrist BP 3AX1  Consumer reviews have complained of smaller memory than advertised and poor software that fails to connect to PC for data download 90% of the time. However some users have found product to be very easy to use and PC software user friendly.

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