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Lifesource Blood Pressure Monitor Series Review

Covering Lifesource blood pressure monitor series review, usage instructions, extra large cuff and arms information and model UA-767 Plus and others

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Lifesource Extra Large Arms UA-789AC  This product is known for its unique accommodation of people with large arms by providing extra large cuffs. It sells on average for $200.00 on Amazon. Lifesource monitors generally enjoy huge customer satisfaction and high approval ratings.

Today's home blood pressure monitors have advanced remarkably with the development of technology that aims to produce the most useful and accurate data which can make a life saving difference in the control and management of hypertension.

Amongst other leading blood pressure machines such as the Microlife blood pressure monitor and the Omron blood pressure monitoring series is found the Lifesource blood pressure monitor.

Lifesource monitors are manufactured by A&D Medical a company that has been specializing in this since 1977. The monitors have an industry known competitive advantage of having exceeded accuracy standards established by AAMI and internationally recognized and respected blood pressure instruments approver. Other monitor brands also have their instruments approved by AAMI. This is because electronic digital blood pressure monitors can produce inaccurate results if not properly calibrated and clinically tested.

The AAMI requires that blood pressure monitors remain accurate even after 10000 inflations. Inflations and deflations occur to the cuff each time a measurement is taken. The Lifesource blood pressure monitoring series exceeded these expectations when tested, a reputation the company has used to its competitive advantage on the fierce blood pressure monitor market.

The technology behind Lifesource monitors utilities micro-processing technology and well developed algorithms that ensure accurate and consistent readings that are meant to be as good as when one visits the doctor's office. The Lifesource blood pressure monitoring products fall into the following four categories;

  • Automatic blood pressure monitors
  • Manual inflate blood pressure monitors
  • Wrist blood pressure monitors
  • Professional blood pressure monitors

Lifesource Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors

Monitors under this category include the model UA-789AC, UA-851, UA-853AC, UA-787EJ, UA-767 Plus and the UA-774

. Of particular note is the unique extra large arms blood pressure monitor which is the model UA-789AC. This particular model has extra large cuffs fitting arms ranging from 16.5" to 23.6" which is equivalent to 42cm to 60cm respectively.

This is a unique offering in a market that sometimes alienates special needs individuals who do not necessarily fit into averaged designs which is basis for much of the product manufacturing.

Irregular heartbeat detection is an indispensable feature in modern blood pressure monitors and is worth considering when seriously shopping for a monitor. Irregular heartbeat points to possible future cardiovascular problems which can then be addressed in time. The multi-function automatic UA-851 includes this important feature and so does many other Lifesource models and those from Microlife, Omron , Samsung and others.

Lifesource Manual Inflate Blood Pressure Monitors

Lifesource blood pressure monitor models in this category are semi-automatic. Cuff inflation is manually done by squeezing the bulb. The UA-705 model includes the all important irregular heartbeat feature and comes with medium or large cuffs and a 30 memory recall. The second model in this category is the mini manual inflate UA-704 model which is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It also has the irregular heartbeat detection feature.

Lifesource Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

The Lifesource blood pressure monitor series of wrist monitors includes three models namely UB-512, UB-521 and UB-328. Unlike finger blood pressure monitors which appear to be losing ground in terms of popularity due to inaccuracy and inconstancy issues amongst other things, the wrist blood pressure monitors are popular.

The UB-512 model detects irregular heartbeat in addition to giving average readings stored in a 60 memory recall. All three models in this category have slightly different designs. They are however all suitable for travel due to their compact size.

Lifesource Professional Blood Pressure Monitors

In this category is the Aneroid blood pressure kits with models UA-100 and UA-200. These are usually used by medical facilities to give doctor's readings. Lifesource has the ambulatory blood pressure monitor model TM-2430 in this category which is designed for 24 hour blood pressure monitoring. The Professional category also includes kiosk type models that can be set-up for public use as a health screen station. The particular model for this purpose is the TM-2655.

Lifesource blood pressure monitors usage instructions are strikingly similar to that of the Microlife blood pressure monitor.

microlife blood pressure monitor

Lifesource Wrist UB-512
Selling for $95.00 on average this wrist monitor is amongst Lifesource's reputable monitors. It is preferred by users who favor wrist monitoring compared to upper arm monitoring with the same features for irregular heartbeat detection. It meet the need of a traveling patient in terms of its compact design.

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