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Signs of Low Blood Pressure Examined

by Joe Tailor

Covering physical signs of low blood pressure in pregnancy, in women and in children.

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Unlike high blood pressure, causes of low blood pressure which is also medically called hypotension are readily understood. Based on known causes of hypertension, high blood pressure is classified into two namely essential hypertension and secondary hypertension.

As a general standing rule low blood pressure should not be conclusively diagnosable in the absence of signs and symptoms of low blood pressure. Low systolic and/or diastolic readings in them self are not satisfactorily conclusive in arriving at an abnormally low blood pressure. Known signs of low blood pressure become important because different people reach different levels of low blood pressure readings yet remaining healthy.

Generally, some doctors hold the view that a hypotension reading of 90/60mmHg is low enough to institute investigation and observation on a person for low blood pressure. Even then in many cases some people attain these so called low readings yet remaining perfectly healthy without ever showing any physical signs of low blood pressure.

This is particularly the case in people who are involved in sport or those who exercise regularly, who keep a normal weight and who eat a healthy diet perhaps similar to the hypertension diet laden with foods that lower blood pressure.

The medical effect of low blood pressure is its deprivation to critical organs of essential delivery of adequate levels of oxygen and nutrients. This ultimately damages internal organs. Among the leading causes of hypotension is dehydration, loss of fluids and excessive heat. Loss of fluids will reduce the volume of water in the bloodstream which in turn causes a drop in blood pressure.

Loss of fluids and dehydration can occur due to heavy heat or some other form of illness such as diarrhea or vomiting. Yet another cause of low blood pressure is the blood pressure medication side effects. Certain high blood pressure medications such as diuretics excrete water from the body to help reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients. Done excessively this will lead to drops in blood pressure presented through low diastolic blood pressure or both systolic and diastolic blood pressures.

It is recommended to take medication at the same time monitoring your blood pressure at home using reliable and accurate home blood pressure monitors such as the Omron blood pressure monitor series. These are good monitors because they also detect irregular heartbeat as well as morning hypertension.

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It is worth noting that physical signs of low blood pressure may temporarily occur in certain situations without this being interpreted as abnormally low blood pressure. These low blood pressure signs may include dizziness after a hot bath or on a very hot day. The following is a list of known low blood pressure signs and symptoms. These physical signs will not necessarily all present at the same time. Different people may show different signs and symptoms listed below;

Physical signs of low blood pressure

  • Tiredness - fatigue
  • Thirst
  • Syncope - fainting
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Failure to concentrate
  • Rapid shallow breathing
  • Visual blurs
  • pale skin which is cold and clammy
  • Signs and symptoms of low blood pressure normally causes your doctor to put you under immediate observation as they may in fact be pointing to other serious underlying problems. For example, low blood pressure may be a sign that the brain is not sending the proper signal to your body to regulate blood pressure. It may also be a sign that your sophisticated blood pressure regulation system is not working they way it should.

    Signs and symptoms of low blood pressure in women and in pregnancy are similar to the ones listed above in most cases. Low blood pressure in pregnancy is not very common but may occur due to dehydration or blood pooling in the legs. Pregnant women with low blood pressure will often show signs of dizziness, have blurred vision, feel fatigued as well as fainting.

    Some women even though not pregnant will show signs and symptoms of low blood pressure by fainting. This normally happens due to hot weather and dehydration associated with excessive dieting with the intention of losing weight.

    Signs of low blood pressure in children

    Children are dynamic as they go through the stage of rapid growth. Children may suffer from dehydration which often leads to the presentation of low blood pressure signs. Some children may also suffer from orthostatic hypotension which occurs when physical position is changed immediately for example from sitting down to standing up.

    Some children grow out of this type of hypotension without any need for treatment. Signs of hypotension in children will also include dizziness, fainting, thirst, vision blurs, fatigue and nausea as listed above.

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