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When Is Blood Pressure Too Low

By Tim McGill

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The question when is blood pressure too low hinges on understanding how abnormally low blood pressure is diagnosed. As a matter of fact causes of low blood pressure are much easier understood than high blood pressure causes. Generally doctors put a patient under observation when blood pressure readings become as low as 90/60mmHg without low blood pressure symptoms.

blood pressure range to about 90/60mmHg is generally considered too low blood pressure. This reading is not necessarily standard and may vary from doctor to doctor and the action they will take after consulting hypertension guidelines. What is important to remember is that when there is blood pressure too low compared to regular readings there is need to establish if there are any signs of low blood pressure.

Hypotension symptoms are of paramount importance when doctors attempt to diagnose low blood pressure. The need for evident low blood pressure symptoms makes it difficult or inappropriate to conclude with certainty that a person has abnormally low blood pressure which is life threatening or at least harmful. Athletes for example and generally other people involved in active sport have low blood pressure readings compared to the generality of the population.

These individuals are fit and healthy showing no signs at all of low blood pressure such as dizziness, blurred vision and fainting. Two people can have extremely low blood pressure readings e.g 90/60mmHg yet one can be healthy and another ill with signs of low blood pressure. This is why it is important that when one has blood pressure too low compared to regular readings presenting symptoms are checked for.

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When symptoms and signs of hypotension begin to show there will be need to consult your doctor for possible treatment. From a doctor's perspective, chronic low blood pressure without any presentation of symptoms should not be cause for concern. When blood pressure has become too low suddenly this is a different matter altogether. So then to holistically answer the question when is blood pressure too low, it must be noted that when blood pressure becomes too low suddenly it has the potential to cause serious harm.

This harm may emanate from the deprived oxygen to the brain. Sudden low blood pressure may also damage vital organs such as the kidneys and the liver. Since chronic low blood pressure is not a concern unless symptoms show, there is constant need to be aware of possible causes of too low blood pressure which may occur suddenly with the possibility of fatal results. The following is a list of possible causes of suddenly too low blood pressure;

  • high body temperature
  • Sepsis - severe blood infection
  • Blood loss via bleeding
  • Heart failure
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Low body temperature
  • Serious dehydration

Blood pressure too low in pregnancy

Blood pressure may become too low in pregnancy. Pregnancy is in itself a possible cause of low blood pressure. Low blood pressure in pregnancy is less common than high blood pressure in pregnancy. Blood pools in the legs making it difficult for it to reach the brain and other parts of the body. This results in dizziness and fainting in pregnant women.

When blood pressure is too low in pregnancy women will need to alert their health service provider or doctor. In the case of blood pooling in the legs there are available certain special socks than can be worn to squeeze blood up the body improving blood pressure and circulation. A diet containing sodium may also be prescribed until ideal blood pressure is achieved. This method takes advantage of the association between salt and high blood pressure which is harmful for people with hypertension.

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