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Reasons For High Blood Pressure Examined

by Joe Tailor

Covering reasons for high blood pressure during pregnancy, in women, in children, in men and medical reasons.

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High blood pressure affects up to 70 million people in America alone. It is estimated that a third of these people are virtually unaware of their condition. The causes of high blood pressure are not fully known in 90-95% of cases. In such cases the class of the hypertension is known as essential hypertension.

Secondary hypertension is yet another class but with known causes. It is linked to medical reasons for high blood pressure. In other words the hypertension causes in this case are known and are medical. The medical reasons behind high blood pressure can be liver disease, kidney disease or even heart disease. For example irregular heartbeat related to cardiovascular disease may result in high blood pressure.

Secondary hypertension treatment therefore often involves dealing with the underlying reasons for the existence of the high blood pressure. When medical corrections are done to the underlying medical condition the hypertension disappears. Doctors may also treat these underlying medical conditions not only using hypertension medications but also using lifestyle modifications such as a hypertension diet regime involving foods that lower blood pressure. This usually becomes a permanent lifestyle for people with severe hypertension.

There are other reasons for high blood pressure in both women and in men and even in children - excess sodium consumption. Sodium is a mineral that is found in different types of salts. It is found together with another mineral called chloride in table salt as well as processed foods. Even some nutritional supplements such as glucosamine sulfate contain sodium hence the much talked about glucosamine and blood pressure association.

Sodium has the effect of retaining water and body fluids in the body thereby increasing blood pressure. The more water and fluids retained in a person's bloodstream the greater their blood pressure. Some individuals are in fact naturally said to be salt sensitive which results in sharp blood pressure spikes whenever salt is consumed.

The association between salt and high blood pressure is well documented including an often neglected yet important fact that some salts such as celtic salt do not contain sodium and therefore not harmful to blood pressure health. These types of salts often become recommended substitutes for table salt for high blood pressure patients.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a daily sodium intake of 2300mg per day or less as low as 1500mg for both men and women. It is not difficult to establish the reasons of high blood pressure in most people when most adults miss this target by a whooping 130%. Instead of eating at most 2300mg of salt per day most people are eating as much as 5300mg per day due to excessive consumption of processed foods.

There are yet other reasons for high blood pressure in women and in men including in children. The controversial association between caffeine and high blood pressure has been cited by some researchers as a reason behind high blood pressure spikes which can be dangerous for people with benign hypertension, labile hypertension as well as malignant hypertension which is also known as accelerated hypertension.

Being overweight or obese as well as using substances such as tobacco and alcohol also leads to high blood pressure. These substances must be abstained from altogether for better blood pressure health.

Reasons for high blood pressure during pregnancy

High blood pressure during pregnancy is caused by the fact that one is pregnant amongst other reasons. Other reasons would be pre-existing hypertension that becomes more pronounced during pregnancy. Gestational hypertension occurs when a woman who is a non-hypertensive becomes hypertensive due to pregnancy. This often occurs at the 20 week mark during pregnancy.

Preeclampsia is another severe version of hypertension in pregnancy which can be fatal besides being able to damage internal organs such as the kidneys. Unfortunately is as much as preeclampsia can be extremely dangerous if no precaution or remedy is sought high blood pressure in pregnancy is not preventable.

Turning to children, reasons for high blood pressure in children may include underlying medical conditions alluded to above such as heart disease, kidney disease and others. Being overweight or obese is also a danger to children and leads to high blood pressure not to mention a lack of exercise.

Exercise and blood pressure is beneficial for everyone whether young or old even though some types of exercise may in them self lead to high blood pressure spikes. Usually doctors recommend aerobic exercises which have been shown to help stabilize and even reduce blood pressure readings.

The 2 Week Diet

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