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How To Reduce Blood Pressure Overview

by Mike T. Norris

How to reduce blood pressure including naturally without medication and during pregnancy

The 2 Week Diet

Understanding how to reduce high blood pressure is intrinsically linked to understanding the causes of high blood pressure in the first place. Causes of high blood pressure are classified into essential hypertension and secondary hypertension.

When reducing blood pressure, the goal is to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure under normal circumstances. Normal blood pressure for an adult person man or woman is 120/80mmHg. There are however cases were systolic blood pressure is abnormally high whilst the diastolic blood pressure reading remains normal. This is called high systolic blood pressure or isolated systolic hypertension. It may also happened with diastolic blood pressure and it is known as isolated diastolic blood pressure.

The most common medical way of reducing blood pressure is via the use of hypertension medications. Hypertension treatment. Hypertension treatment via high blood pressure medications. Hypertension treatment is normally prescribed by doctors when blood pressure is elevated so severely it can not be reduced fairly quickly naturally without the help of medication. Doctors arrive at this decision by considering your blood pressure readings in the light of blood pressure numbers. Hypertension treatment indicated by blood pressure ranges.

Doctors do make reference to hypertension guidelines to help decide if hypertension medications are necessary. The most common first line of blood pressure medication employed to lower blood pressure is diuretics. How to reduce blood pressure using diuretics will involve taking the medication over a period of time as prescribed by your doctor. The downside of medication are the known blood pressure medication side effects which might include lowering blood pressure to abnormally low levels in some people.

How to reduce blood pressure naturally without any medication involves most lifestyle modifications that would normally encourage blood pressure spikes. The first and most popular method of reducing blood pressure naturally is by changing what you eat to eating foods that lower blood pressure. Eating lots of fruits and veggies has been shown to significantly help in reducing high blood pressure especially when combined with a sharp reduction in salt intake.

As you consider how to reduce blood pressure, it is expedient to appreciate the link between salt and blood pressure. Salt contains sodium. Sodium plays an important role in retaining fluids and water in the bloodstream a cause of high blood pressure. An average adult must live on 2300mg of sodium per day yet millions of adults men and women eat 130 percent more than the daily limit. Cutting back on salt consumption will result in significant reductions in blood pressure.

How to reduce blood pressure naturally without medication can also be achieved through daily routine exercise. exercise and blood pressure is an important association to medical professionals. However not all exercise is useful for blood pressure reduction purposes. In fact certain types of exercise such as weight lifting and other heavy exercise may be dangerous for a high blood pressure patient. The actual type of exercise that produces blood pressure health benefits is aerobic exercise. This is equivalent to walking the dog, light gardening and playing light sport.

Some people who experience high blood pressure also indulge in substance usage such as tobacco and alcohol. Regulating the use of these substances will provide immediate benefits to blood pressure. Nicotine found in tobacco is known to wear out blood veins and arteries overtime. This ultimately has a negative effect on blood pressure. Stopping smoking will immediately allow the body to correct itself thereby facilitating a return to normal blood pressure levels before its too late.

How to reduce blood pressure also includes making a conscious effort to regulate your daily activities to relieve yourself of unnecessary stress and pressure. Stress has long been shown to be a precursor to blood pressure spikes. In fact a normal working day of an average individual will show blood pressure spikes dotted right through the day some specific ones coinciding with stressful moments during the day.

Reducing blood pressure during pregnancy naturally without medication can also be done by ensuring that pregnant women eat a diet with less sodium. Prior to falling pregnant it is also important to quit smoking as well as drinking alcohol. Doctors would also normally recommend a bed rest to a pregnant woman with high blood pressure. During pregnancy normal blood pressure is still 120/80mmHg. However doctors can allow it to raise to 140/90mmHg before taking action in the context of other considerations. Pregnant women are also encouraged to eat lots of fruits and veggies to help with lowering blood pressure.

The 2 Week Diet

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