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Healthy Blood Pressure Information And Tips

The 2 Week Diet

by James Joseph

Healthy blood pressure information and tips available in this article are not meant to replace nor override doctor consultation and instruction. Blood pressure in individuals can be categorized into three namely low blood pressure, normal blood pressure and high blood pressure. Chronic high blood pressure which is medically known as hypertension affects a huge segment of any given population compared to abnormally low blood pressure. Doctors generally agree that blood pressure readings representing a healthy reading are around 120/80mmHg. This essentially means a systolic reading of 120 mmHg and a diastolic reading of 80 mmHg. However blood pressure numbers in any given individual are hardly spot on 120/80mmHg. In most cases your readings will vary but to be considered healthy they must not wonder too far away from the reading of 120/80mmHg.

This means many individuals whose blood pressure is considered healthy may have readings such as 119/79mmHg, 122/75mmHg and so on. Blood pressure readings are an outcome of averaged readings taken over a period of time, It is not possible nor accurate to conclude your blood pressure status based on a single reading. Doctors require that you visit the doctor's office several times over a period of time in order to determine your actual blood pressure status. To deal with the problem of white coat hypertension doctors also encourage home blood pressure monitoring. Most blood pressure monitors available today such as those included in this list of best blood pressure monitors come with the technology to average your readings for your doctor's interpretation.

fruits and vegetables

Individuals with a healthy blood pressure status will require to apply a conscious effort in order to maintain healthy blood pressure readings throughout life. There are many factors that prevent many people from maintaining blood pressure which is considered healthy. These factors have to do mainly with individual lifestyles. There are however other causes that rob otherwise blood pressure healthy individuals of their status. These factors include disease and conditions that induce elevated blood pressure. They range from kidney disease, heart disease and even diabetes. These are known to be secondary hypertension causes. In cases were hypertension is caused by underlying medical conditions the high blood pressure condition can be reversed by resolving the underlying causes.

The most common factors that prevent millions of people both men and women from attaining a healthy blood pressure status include poor dietary lifestyles. Most people and the number is increasing eat foods that are unhealthy with lots of cholesterol, sugar, fat, trans-fats and saturated fats. These lead to weight gain and obesity which are risk factors for high blood pressure. A life that lacks exercise and is mostly sedentary will also increase the risk of high blood pressure. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that adult men and women should not exceed 2300mg of sodium intake per day. Most adults eat lot more sodium over and above this amount. Salt which contains sodium especially found in processed foods has long been cited as a cause of high blood pressure. Sodium retains water and fluids thereby raising blood pressure.

Hypertension has no cure. In order to maintain a healthy blood pressure individuals with ideal blood pressure readings will need to maintain their blood pressure status by eating healthy and ensuring a diet with less sodium with lots of fruits and vegetables. Some individuals look after their blood pressure using certain blood pressure herbs such garlic and red clover. It can be noted that with the new classification of hypertension into prehypertension, stage 1 hypertension and stage 2 hypertension most people who previously had ideal blood pressure are now considered to be in the prehypertension stage. It only takes a poor diet, lack of exercise, continued smoking and excessive drinking to tip the status into stage 1 hypertension. This sharply increases the risk of cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack and heart failure.

The 2 Week Diet

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The 2 Week Diet

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