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Blood Pressure Gauge Reviews

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A blood pressure gauge is an important instrument for measuring blood pressure. In recent years doctors have increasingly recommended home blood pressure monitoring as an effective way of managing hypertension. A gauge for blood pressure is also known as the sphygmomanometer. Two types of sphygmomanometer exist namely the one using mercury with a mercury column and a dial face gauge. The one with a dial face gauge is the most frequently used at home today after automatic digital blood pressure monitors that have an automatic blood pressure cuff. This is also known as the aneroid sphygmomanometer with a manual rubber inflation bulb.

The following are reviews of specific blood pressure gauge instruments currently available on the market. It can be noted that some people interchangeably refer to digital blood pressure monitors as gauges for blood pressure. However strictly speaking a gauge refers to the sphygmomanometer type blood pressure monitor which comes with a stethoscope. At the end of this review article we give recommendation of specific automatic digital blood pressure monitors apart from the gauge types reviewed here first.

Omron Blood Pressure Sphygmomanometer Review

omron blood pressure monitor

Selling for about $40.00 on Amazon

this gauge for blood pressure measures both diastolic and systolic blood pressure numbers by manual inflation of the blood pressure cuff using the supplied upper arm cuff. The gauge can measure up to 300mmHg of pressure a figure no human being can reach under normal circumstances. This gives a very good clearance from the highest possible measurement in human beings. This gauge is durable and reliable and offers a lifetime calibration warranty. Calibration is a very important consideration in as far as blood pressure monitoring is concerned.

Monitors with poor calibration will give inaccurate readings which can be harmful to a patient. The needle for this type of monitor must be set at zero. According to user reviews, some buyers who purchased this product found it more accurate than the electronic monitors which are more expensive price wise. We give this product a four out of five stairs and recommend it for anyone considering purchasing one. It is manufactured by a good and reputable brand - Omron- and is relatively inexpensive and quick and easy to master. Read reviews in detail >>

ADC Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Gauge Review

ADC blood pressure monitor

Selling for just under $35.00 on internet stores

this blood pressure gauge is manufactured by American Diagnostic Corporation. It is assembles in the United States and is well known for its 20 year calibration warranty. The gauge is pocket size and has the ADCUFF nylon cuff which is designed to prevent miscuffing. Miscuffing is a worrisome cause of inaccurate readings when it comes to blood pressure monitoring. This particular item for those purchasing through Amazon is currently only being shipped within the United States.

In as far as customer reviews and ratings is concerned the product has high ratings and many positive reviews. In particular users praise its ease of use as well as its accuracy giving the same readings as the doctor's blood pressure gauge. The portability of the product is also a plus for some buyers. Some buyers claim having used this gauge at nursing school with terrific results. We give the product four stars out of a possible five and recommend it to our readers. Read reviews in detail >>>

ADC Advantage Manual Blood Pressure Monitor Review

ADC blood pressure monitor

Also manufactured by American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) this Advantage model gauge will set you back some $25.00 on Amazon. It is a fully manual blood pressure monitor which comes with a D-Bar cuff, has a semi-automatic air release valve, comes with a stethoscope and the squeeze bulb is made of latex free rubber a plus for individuals allergic to latex. When buying from Amazon which is arguably the most reasonable source on line price wise, select countries outside of the US can order the product. This ADC Advantage model pressure gauge has some excellent customer reviews.

Some buyers point out that the device is a perfect pick for anyone looking for a less expensive and accurate blood pressure monitor which has less bells and whistles. Apparently a significant number of individuals are annoyed by repeated beeps and sounds made by most electronic blood pressure monitors. Buyers also prefer it that this gauge is indeed an old fashioned one with a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff and gauge. Of importance to note is that this monitor has an automatic airflow valve that allows even release of air from the cuff. We gladly confer a four and half stars out of five and give a recommendation for this purchase. Read reviews in detail >>>

LifeSource UA-100 Home Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor Review

lifesource blood pressure monitor

The Lifesource UA-100 gauge is also a favorite with a legion of users across the world. It sells for about $30.00 on Amazon and is delivered with a stethoscope. It has a nylon cuff which is considered durable apart from giving a nice appearance. The rubber bulb is latex and has a standard air release valve. The gauge has a D-ring cuff. We give this gauge four and half stars out of a total of four stars based on aggregate user reviews and ratings. Users praise its accuracy, low price and ease of use of the monitor. They also note that the average-sized adult cuff will comfortably fit most adults. Many users who finally settled for this Lifesource UA-100 state they have had failed encounters with blood pressure monitors even some we consider best blood pressure monitors on this site. Read reviews in detail >>>

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