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High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

Relationship between high blood pressure and cholesterol, diet, how to lower, recipes for, causes of high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Relationship Between High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

The 2 Week Diet

High blood pressure medically known as hypertension affects a huge percentage of any given population. By definition it is the force exerted on vessel walls as blood is flowing in the blood vessels. An important point to note is that blood pressure is a function of the amount of blood flowing in the blood vessels and the constriction or dilation of the blood vessels. When the vessels are constricted blood pressure increases. When vessels dilate blood pressure decreases. Blood pressure causes can be known or unknown. Hypertension is classified into two namely essential hypertension and secondary hypertension. primary essential hypertension causes are unknown . Whereas secondary hypertension causes are known and mostly related to underlying medical causes.

These medical conditions can be kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes or side effects of medications. Primary hypertension causes are unknown as mentioned. What doctors know are the risk factors of high blood pressure. These include obesity, lack of exercise, smoking and drinking, family history and an individual's preferred diet. Cholesterol is an important consideration in as far as the relationship between high blood pressure and cholesterol is concerned. There are two types of cholesterol namely dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol is obtained from foods that come from animals such as egg yolks, organ meats and high fat diary products.

Blood cholesterol is needed by our bodies to function well. Blood cholesterol is made up of high density lipoprotein (HDL) - 'good cholesterol', and low density lipoprotein (LDL) also known as 'bad cholesterol'. The real fear associated with cholesterol , LDL cholesterol in particular is the increased risk of heart disease. In as far as high blood pressure is concerned cholesterol builds up fatty substances around the blood vessel walls. This has the effect of constricting blood flow rising blood pressure. High blood pressure is a risk factor of heart disease, stroke and even heart failure. This entails that increased cholesterol intake by individuals who have no high blood pressure will increase the risk of developing hypertension whose complications include heart failure and stroke.

Causes Of High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

The 2 Week Diet

As mentioned earlier there are known cause of high blood pressure and unknown causes of high blood pressure. Also as noted earlier 'bad cholesterol' intake is a risk factor for both hypertension and heart disease. Cholesterol is found in food that most people eat that are unhealthy. Of important note is fast food. Fast food nutrition facts. will show that most fast foods have no nutritional value and contain a lot of cholesterol because they are prepared using trans fats and saturated fats.

Apart from being high in cholesterol which has been associated with high blood pressure, fast foods also cause obesity and overweight. Fast food has thus been singled out as a leading cause of chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Causes of high blood pressure and cholesterol rise are evidently shown in deliberate studies done in the United States. Two out of sixteen studies done showed that trans fats in fast food dramatically increase your risk of heart disease because they make cholesterol worse. Trans fats are so bad in bad cholesterol so much so that the minimum amount of trans fats a person can consume and not increase risk is zero.

How To Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol In Diet

Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol is essentially linked to what a person eats and how physically active they are. Depending on your blood pressure numbers doctors may make a decision to immediately put you on hypertension medications for a set treatment goal before only relying on lifestyle modifications commonly used to lower blood pressure naturally. Common high blood pressure meds include diuretics and beta-blockers. Blood pressure is also lowered using natural methods such as abundant fruit and vegetables. Specific foods that lower blood pressure are also recommended by doctors to lower blood pressure.

Quitting smoking and drinking as well as keeping an active lifestyle through exercise is also important to lowering blood pressure. How to lower cholesterol involves eating foods that are low in cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol intake will involve eating whole grain breads and cereals. You may also use vegetable oil spray instead of oil, butter or margarine. Cook or eat cereal with fat-free (skim) or low-fat (2%) milk.

Recipes For High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

There are specific recipes for high blood pressure and low cholesterol diet. The popular hypertension diet called DASH contains recipes and ingredients for hypertension. Follow link to see in detail recipes for high blood pressure. Recipes for a low cholesterol diet are similar to recipes for hypertension as both aim to achieve the same objectives. These objectives are to lower fats, saturated fats that an individual consumes. A diet designed for hypertension such as DASH will also help reduce weight which is important in cutting down risk of heart attack, stroke and even heart failure.

The 2 Week Diet

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