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Relion Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Covering Relion blood pressure monitor review, instructions, for women and extra large cuff information.

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relion blood pressure monitor

ReliOnĀ® Auto Inflate Digital Blood Pressure Monitor | Going for $45.00 at Warlmat the monitor has very good reviews. Customers appreciated its excellent value and reliability including easy set up, easy use and accuracy. Some but fewer users have complained of inaccuracy particularly high systolic readings given by the monitor repeatedly.

Relion is a competitive brand in the home blood pressure monitor market. The brand is distributed by Omron the manufacturers of the popular Omron blood pressure monitors. Relion blood pressure monitors and parts are available in the following categories;

  • Relion Automatic
  • Relion Compact Automatic
  • Relion Easy Wrap
  • Relion Wrist Monitor
  • Relion for Women
  • Relion Extra Large Cuffs
  • Relion Digital Manual

Reliom digital blood pressure monitors uses the oscillometric technology of blood pressure measurement. The device detects blood pressure movement through the bronchial artery and interprets the movement into a digital reading that can be understood. This is the same technology employed by the 7100REL model.

As what is applicable to other digital blood pressure monitors, the purpose of the Relion digital blood pressure monitor is not arrive a personal diagnosis of blood pressure. Rather, it is meant to give useful information for final professional doctor diagnosis.

Relion Blood Pressure Monitor Instructions

manual guage

The following recommendations can be applied to any Relion blood pressure monitor for best consistent and accurate results. Additional general information on how to measure blood pressure can be found by following the link.

  • Rest for 15 minutes prior to taking measurement (some brands sy 5 minutes). Eating, smoking, alcohol, exercising and bathing should be avoided 30 minutes before taking a measurement.
  • It is pointless to take measurements during stressful times unless for some other purpose. Stress raises blood pressure.
  • Ensure that you take measurement in a quiet place.
  • Remove tight-fitting clothing from your arm to prevent blood movement restriction.
  • The cuff should be at the same level with your heart. This is achieved by resting your arm on a table whilst also seated in a chair your feet flat on teh floor. Do not cross legs.
  • Be still and do not talk during measurement.
  • Give 2 to 3 minute intervals between measurements allowing arteries to return to condition before taking blood pressure measurement.
  • Open a blood pressure diary were you keep a record for your physician. Try to measure blood pressure on the same time of the day for consistency

It is important to note that your monitor can be affected by radio or television interference. use of cellphones when using the blood pressure monitor may result in inaccurate results.

Relion Blood Pressure Monitor Extra large Cuff

Relion ofers the Relion H-003DREL Extra large cuff. It is specifically designed to cater for individuals with an arm circumference size of 13" to 17" or 32 to 42 cm. An important point to remember is that the H-003DREL extra large cuff is intended for use with Relion or Omron monitors. which are digital blood pressure monitors sold with the D-ring style cuff.

Relion Blood Pressure Monitor For Women

relion for women

Relion has a special model UA-787REL. This particular model successfully underwent a clinical validation study to determine its performance and accuracy. The clinical validations for Relion blood pressure monitors are done by the European Society for Hypertension (ESH) and usually done by physicians and nurses who form the validation committee.

UA-787REL is designed to monitor both systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate for women who are 18 years and older. According to Relion technology, the model also uses the oscillation method which refers to blood pressure measurement associated with vibrations caused by arterial pulse.

The monitor takes measurements while the cuff is both inflating and deflating. The result is faster measurement and greater comfort to the user. The UA-787REL also detects irregular heartbeat an important pointer to possible cardiovascular problems. An irregular heartbeat is a heartbeat that varies 25% compared with the average of heartbeat intervals during measurement. This is the reason why it is important to be relaxed and not talking during measurement to avoid false detection of irregular heartbeat.

relion for women

ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor Designed for Women| The product has received great reviews and ratings from many users many of whom express product expectation to have been exceeded. Some users purchased the product after doctor's approval backed by readings comparisons with other brands and models. Some men have purchased the product after finding no reason it should be for women when it works just as well for men. The product has been praised for ease of use, accuracy and portability.

microlife blood pressure monitor

Relion 1-Button Blood Pressure Monitor | According to patients who have used the product it is very impressive, easy-to-use and accurate. Selling for $37.00 on average, the monitor scores highly in terms of value, quality, effectiveness and usefulness at Walmart the major seller of the brand.

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