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Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Review

By Robert McDonaldson

Covering Withings blood pressure monitor review for Ipad, Ipod Touch and the Iphone

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withings blood pressure monitor

The Withings blood pressure monitor was unveiled in January 2011 at the popular Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It is essentially an automatic blood pressure cuff that works with the popular Apple portable product range particularly the Ipad, the Ipod touch and the Iphone. The Withings monitor consists of an upper arm wrap around blood pressure cuff that is attached to your Iphone or Ipad and communicates with the iOS software application that is installed on the Apple device. The iOS software communicates with the cuff turning your Ipad or Iphone into an instant blood pressure monitor. The device takes blood pressure displaying both systolic and diastolic blood pressure numbers on your regular Ipod touch for example.

The withings blood pressure monitor is a very hand gadget especially in western populations were the problem of blood pressure is growing rapidly. High blood pressure medically known as hypertension is a serious chronic condition that has the potential to lead to organ damage in patients as well as heart disease, stroke, and even blindness if it is not controlled. Withings the company that developed this blood pressure device estimates that in the coming years up to 30 percent of the American population will need to monitor their blood pressure.

The withings iphone blood pressure monitor as it is sometimes called even though it works with the Ipad as well as the Ipod touch is designed for iOS 3 or higher device. It is designed with much simplicity so much that it is a plug and play device which is automatically recognized by your iphone as soon as it is connected. The iOS 3 or higher software is downloaded for free from the Apple Store. Once you have your blood pressure readings taken they can be stored in your device for future reference or even mailed to your doctor.

This new product is admittedly a high tech gadget. It uses a common technology used by best blood pressure monitors called Oscillometric measurement. It can measure blood pressure readings from 0 to 299mmHg and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3mmHg or 2 percent of the reading. It has automatic inflation controlled by the software application in your iphone or Ipad and a release valve designed as a measure to produce reliable measurements.

The withings blood pressure monitor does not suspend the known procedures for getting accurate blood pressure readings. Users of this device will need to seek consultation with their doctor's in as far as the accuracy of the results are concerned. This is usually achieved by checking blood pressure readings against your doctor's office blood pressure monitor. One of the greatest challenge surrounding blood pressure monitors is the accuracy and consistency of the results. The blood pressure monitor by withings will certainly need to be subjected to rigorous testing and trials.

withings blood pressure monitor

Professional blood pressure monitors are clinically tested by leading hypertension institutions such as the British Hypertension society (BHS) and AAMI in the United States. Professional blood pressure monitors sold in the United States are further approved by the FDA. Good examples are the Omron blood pressure monitor series amongst many others. there has not been any formal communications from the Withings monitor manufacturers suggesting any FDA approval of the blood pressure monitor. The product is expected to sell for roughly $130 once its starts shipping.

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