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Niacin Blood Pressure Treatment

The 2 Week Diet

Niacin blood pressure treatment is of particular interest to many hypertension sufferers who work hard to control their blood pressure. Niacin is a vitamin. It belongs to a group of B vitamins which are eight in number altogether. It is alternatively known as Vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid and has two other variations which notably have not the same effects on blood pressure as niacin. These variations are namely niacinamide and inositol hexanicotinate. Due to the fact that hypertension can not be cured and the only thing doctors can do is to control it to prevent its end-stage such as stroke, heart attack and heart failure and even blindness in extreme cases, there is a huge interest amongst doctors and patients to find natural methods of bringing blood pressure under control. Other methods of naturally controlling blood pressure will include eating foods that lower blood pressure such as celery.

Vitamin B3 is easily accessible and is found in day to day foods that you buy at your local farmer's market. It is found naturally in greens such as dried beans, dried peas which are essentially leguminous plant foods, whole grains, nuts organ meats such as liver, yeast and fish. It can be noted however that if you are attempting to gain niacin from your diet substantial amounts of it are lost during cooking or boiling of the food sources. This is due to a proven fact that the vitamin itself is soluble in hot water. Individuals who find pleasure in eating raw foods in their natural state stand a better chance in getting all the vitamins involved including niacin. The search for the benefits of niacin blood pressure treatment has given more individuals the desire to eat more fruits and vegetables. In fact the hypertension diet recommended for people with high blood pressure gives this tremendous benefit. Niacin can also be found in supplements form from internet stores such as Amazon

At the end of this article there are different recommended niacin supplements available online for consideration.

In as far as how niacin actually leads to blood pressure lowering, doctors know that vitamin B3 has an active and important role to play in the dilation of blood vessels. The background to the importance of blood vessel dilation lies in the definition of blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force with which blood is exerted on vessel walls as it is flowing in the blood vessels. Blood pressure numbers showing systolic and diastolic readings measure this force exerted on vessel walls. Blood pressure is therefore a function of constriction or dilation of vessel walls as well as the amount of blood flowing in the arteries. Hypertension medications such as diuretics particularly aim to reduce the volume of blood in the vessels by extracting water from the blood stream. Some high blood pressure meds seek to dilate blood vessel walls there-by reducing constriction and consequently lowering blood pressure. It is in this context that niacin lowers blood pressure by dilating vessel walls.

The 2 Week Diet

Side Effects And Dosage Of Niacin Blood Pressure Treatment

Niacin taken in excess as what can happen for individuals taking supplements will lead to "hot flashes". This is a discomfort that patients will experience as the skin becomes overly heated. This is particularly the downside of the beneficial association between niacin and blood pressure. Further individuals taking niacin may also feel itching and tingling. They may also experience headache particularly when starting out on niacin supplements , increasing amount and even when changing supplement brand. Doctors note that these effects will rarely require or lead to discontinuation. Other side effects of niacin which are rather less common will include skin rush, upset stomach and even low blood pressure when standing medically known as postural hypotension.

The 2 Week Diet

Niacin treatment for high blood pressure is typically began at a lower dosage and increased as time progresses over a period of weeks. Individuals may start with a dosage of 100mg each day increasing it to as high as 250mg until a point were your blood pressure responds. However individuals who take doses more than 500mg of niacin blood pressure treatment have been observed to have increased uric acid and glucose levels and abnormal liver function. Home blood pressure monitoring will be necessary in order to regularly take your blood pressure readings to check how your niacin blood pressure treatment is going.

Niacin has also been used to control cholesterol. In fact higher doses of the vitamin are used for that purpose. Niacin is known by doctors to reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream. This is also known unconventionally as bad cholesterol. Cholesterol in the blood stream will lead to fatty build-up which may block the arteries leading to heart disease and high blood pressure. There is an apparent association between cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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