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Good Blood Pressure Numbers Overview

Covering good blood pressure numbers for women, for men, for pregnant women and good digital blood pressure monitors

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Blood pressure health is important to overall body health hence an increasing number of people more than before is keen to be in charge of own blood pressure health. For an adult man or woman what is considered good blood pressure numbers is 120/80mmHg. The table below illustrates some blood pressure numbers which are considered good for adult men and women as well as pregnant women.

Normal Blood Pressure Chart

Systolic Reading Diastolic Reading Comment
130mm Hg 85mm Hg High Normal Blood Pressure
120mm Hg 80mm Hg Normal Blood Pressure
110mm Hg 75mm Hg Low Normal Blood Pressure

As illustrated in the blood pressure chart above, good blood pressure numbers are divided into three namely normal, low normal and high normal blood pressure ranges. Most people have their blood pressure readings oscillating in-between 110/75mmHg which is a low normal and 130/85mmHg a high normal blood pressure reading.

In as much as individuals in the high normal range i.e 130/85mmHg are considered to have good blood pressure measurements, doctors will advise that this is closely monitored to be maintained or better still reduced. This is because may people fail to realize that the greater your blood pressure deviates from the normal reading of 120/80mmHg the greater the risk of cardiovascular problems.

To a significant extent, maintainance of a good blood pressure reading is therefore a function of an individual's lifestyle. Such a lifestyle will involve moderate to zero substance use such as tobacco and alcohol. These are known factors associated with high blood pressure causes.

If your blood pressure is good and normal, doctors will encourage that you keep your sodium consumption to a minimum. A good guide to this minimum is the recommended 2300mg per day according to various hypertension specialists. Eating lots of fruits and veggies will also keep your blood pressure within acceptable levels.

As much as there is a link between salt and high blood pressure, caffeine and blood pressure, celery and blood pressure and glucosamine and blood pressure, there exists also an important association between excercise and blood pressure. Certain physical exercises such as aerobic exercises in particular are helpful in maintaining acceptable blood pressure numbers.

In practical terms, individuals do not always present ideal numbers as shown in the blood pressure chart above. It is very much possible for a high blood pressure patient to have a normal systolic reading and a dangerously low diastolic blood pressure reading. It is also common for hypertension patients to have a high systolic blood pressure and a normal diastolic blood pressure. In such cases no conclusion can be made of one having normal blood pressure. The elevated blood pressure be it systolic pressure or diastolic pressure will need immediate attention. This often is a full fledged hypertension treatment.

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Good blood pressure for women and for pregnant women

As noted earlier, adult women like men have a normal blood pressure of 120/80mmHg. It has been medically observed that women generally have low blood pressure compared to men. This is up until when women reach the age of 50 or at the onset of menopause. This entails that blood pressure for women begins to generally raise out of the good blood pressure ranges as they grow older.

Pregnant women are also supposed to have a normal blood pressure of 120/80mmHg. However, often their blood pressure is let to raise up to 140/90mmHg before raising alarm. This is as a result of the context in which doctors consider gestational hypertension. This means up to 140/90mmHg doctors may consider the blood pressure of a pregnant woman good.

Good blood pressure monitor

It is apparent that nowadays investing in a home blood pressure monitor is not a misplaced priority. In fact it is crucial for one's blood pressure health. In looking for blood pressure equipment for home use, the most important aspect to consider is the monitor's accuracy and consistency of results when in use. For example, some poor or faulty monitor brands will constantly give you outrageous readings minutes after the last reading never showing a useful pattern of consistency.

It is best to buy a blood pressure monitor that is clinically validated such as the Omron blood pressure monitors. Others will also include the Samsung, Relion and Lifesource brands. This clinical validation should have been done by reputable hypertension institutions such as the British Hypertension Society (BHS), the European Society for Hypertension (ESH) and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).

Other factors to consider when shopping for a good digital blood pressure monitor for home use is whether it can detect irregular heartbeat and morning hypertension or not. Irregular heartbeat detection is paramount because it speaks of possible future cardiovascular problems. Morning hypertension which is also known as morning high blood pressure is difficult to detect at the doctor's office hence the importance of purchasing a personal home blood pressure monitor which can detect it.

Apart from purchasing a good digital blood pressure monitor also take time to learn how to take blood pressure as this is equally important just as important as buying the correct brand for your successful home blood pressure monitoring.

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