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Samsung Blood Pressure Monitor Review

An independent consumer centered Samsung blood pressure monitor review and manual information

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The Samsung monitor falls into the league of leading home blood pressure monitors such as the Relion, Omron, Lifesource, Microlife and Wristech monitors. The Samsung blood pressure monitor runs on industry respected cutting edge technology. The core principles guiding Samsung monitors is the quest for accurate, reliable and advanced home healthcare products.

Home blood pressure monitoring is important because it helps detect the difficult to pin-point hypertension subtypes such as morning high blood pressure also medically known as morning hypertension. Samsung monitors are clinically validated by the British Hypertension Society (BHS) as well as the Germany Hypertension Society (GHS). This is important and should be a consumer consideration in searching for a blood pressure monitor.

Samsung blood pressure monitors are divided into two, Upper Arm Monitors and Wrist blood pressure monitors. The following is a review list of selected Samsung blood pressure monitor series in the upper arm and wrist category.

Samsung Blood Pressure Monitors Review

samsung blood pressure monitor

The BVM-1007 | This is a manual inflate monitor that requires the user to manually inflate the cuff. It has a standard cuff of 9"-13" and can average readings. The monitor comes with a lifetime warranty and beeps when adequately inflated to let the user know when to stop pumping the rubber bulb.

The monitor is shipped with a large digital screen for easy reading of the systolic and diastolic pressures as well as the pulse rate. Regrettably this model appears to have since been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, it can still be possible to find used BVM-1007 on the internet.

samsung blood pressure monitor

BHM-1008 | This product just as other Samsung blood pressure monitor models has been clinically calibrated and validated. It digitally displays blood pressure readings on the screen. It also requires manual cuff inflation by squeezing the bulb until a beep goes off. Many users favor its compact and portable design which is easy to carry along when traveling and on the go.

The model has 99 memory recalls and comes with an important averaging technology that works to average a set of measurements taken over a period of time. Accurate and consistent readings are not negotiable if ever blood pressure monitoring is to worthwhile. The model gives an accuracy measurement within +/-3mmHg and weighs approximately 3.53.oz inclusive of batteries.

This product has however particularly received poor reviews and ratings from different users for being unreliable, inaccurate is as much as it is easy to use and comes at an affordable price of $30.00.

samsung blood pressure monitor

Samsung blood pressure monitor BSP-4007

This is the Premium Deluxe model costing on average $70.00. It is well known for its attractive Samsung specific sophisticated see-thru design. What is even more outstanding is its irregular heartbeat detector consistent with modern day blood pressure monitors. Irregular heartbeat points to possible cardiovascular problems down the road.

This model also includes a personalized heartbeat alert level warning. It uses the oscillometric measurement method which is associated with artery vibrations. The downside of this technology is that readings may easily be distorted if a specific disease affecting the arterial system exists in the high blood pressure patient.

The BSP-4007 model has a memory that can hold up to 240 readings. It is delivered with two automatic inflation cuffs of arms 9"-13" and 13"-17". It automatically keeps track of time, month and day. Its measurement accuracy is within +/-3mmmHg and pulse accuracy within +/-5%.

User reviews and ratings for this particular model have been mixed. Some users have found its features very good including the data tracking feature. Some users have indicated having to return the product after cuffs failed to inflate. This appears to have been a problem with a particular product and not necessarily affecting all products in this model.

This particular model has a particular annoying flaw of losing all stored data including time and date when AC power is lost even when batteries are installed. Some users have refused to recommend this product until this flaw is fixed by the manufacturer. Potential buyers will need to check if this problem has been fixed before buying the model. Overall the unit has 3 out of 5 stars in ratings from users.

samsung blood pressure monitor

Samsung blood pressure monitor BD-3000S

This is a low noise model when it comes to the cuff inflation system. It has a memory feature of up to 90 readings along with time and date designed for quick and easy comparisons. It comes with standard arm cuffs fitting 9"-13" arm sizes. It works with both AC power supply and batteries. Aggregated consumer reviews and ratings gives the monitor an overall 3.5 stars ratings.

Users have identified the following PROS;

  • Affordable
  • Compact (little in size)
  • Accurate within certain reasonable range

Some users have on the other hand identified the following CONS;

  • Learning curve
  • Data loss on AC removal
  • Bad LCD within months of purchase

Manual Samsung blood pressure monitor BM-5015 | This monitor has manually controlled inflation even though measurement results are displayed digitally. It has a memory storage feature of 48 readings. it automatically keeps track of the time, month and day. It has large 3 row LCD display showing systolic blood pressure reading and diastolic blood pressure reading as well as the pulse rate.

The accompanying standard cuff fits arms 9"-13". The product enjoys an overall 3 out of 4 stars in ratings. Users have noted inaccurate results sometimes as low as by a margin of 30mmHg for diastolic readings. Yet other have found the product worthwhile in monetary terms at $40.00 per unit.

samsung blood pressure monitor

Samsung BWB-5007 Wrist blood pressure monitor | This model has the irregular heartbeat technology and a personalized heartbeat level alert warning. It can also average three readings and can store the last 120 readings for the purposes of tracking. It is shipped with wrist cuff up to 8-1/2". Some users have found it very easy to use and enjoy the automatic inflation and deflation.

This wrist monitor is shipped with a quick reference card which some users have expressed gratitude over as it helps the user avoid reading the relatively thick manual and affording quick use. yet some other have labeled the monitor a "crazy machines" working only in the first few days only to "die" a week or two later. They also complained of problems of inflation and deflation.

Samsung blood pressure monitor manual information on how to use the different Samsung blood pressure machines can be possibly found on the online manual repository online manuals.

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